Your summer checklist is here!

As the warmth of summer envelopes us, it’s an opportune moment to pause, reflect, and lay the groundwork for the upcoming season at your church. Whether you’re a well-established congregation or gearing up to embark on a new church plant this fall, we’re excited to provide you with a comprehensive checklist that will assist you in curating an exceptional first impression.

☐ Parking lot


As your guests arrive, their first encounter will be with your parking lot. It serves as their initial impression of your church—setting the tone for what lies ahead. Therefore, it becomes imperative to optimize this vital space, ensuring seamless navigation, an inviting ambiance, and an unmistakable presence that truly STANDS OUT.

☐ Front door


Next on our checklist is the pivotal point of connection—the front door. This is where your exceptional greeting team takes the stage, equipped with warm smiles, an eagerness to assist, and a genuine desire to help newcomers seamlessly integrate into your church family.

☐ Lobby


Welcome to your church’s vibrant connection station—the lobby! This dynamic space serves as a hub where visitors can explore various facets of your church community. Take a moment to evaluate its potential: Are there dedicated areas that showcase the exciting opportunities available for youth, young adults, groups, and outreach initiatives? Is there a designated space that provides valuable information about next steps and volunteering?

☐ Auditorium


Your auditorium is a pivotal space for multiple touch points at your church. Let’s explore ways to gather information about first-time guests, enable note-taking for the congregation, and facilitate seamless participation in tithes and offerings, enhancing the overall church experience.

☐ Kids Space


When your kids are the ones rushing you to church on Sundays, you know you’re hitting the mark! Crafting a vibrant and joyful environment where children can unleash their creativity while learning about Jesus amplifies the overall experience. Let’s strategize on how to create such an environment that nurtures their hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impact on their journey.

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