Jason laird

  • “As a church planter and Lead Pastor, I can truly say that what our team has been able to accomplish in creating an excellent environment and experience for weekend guest would be impossible without Radiant Printing.


  • We dreamed of an experience that would honor God and inspire people, and that vision has become a reality through the partnership with the Radiant team. I would HIGHLY recommend any church planter, pastor or CEO to consider them to help you accomplish your vision.”


  • SOZO Church launched in the Fall of 2017 in beautiful San Francisco, California. Today, Sozo Church is passionately serving the Bay Area to help people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.

  • We were so excited when SOZO Church approached Radiant Printing to handle all of their printing and signage for their Launch Sunday. We strategized through each area of impression to transform a school into a church. From the parking lot to the kid’s check-in, we wanted to equip SOZO Church with the products they needed to reach their community.




Direct Mail

KID’s check-in

There’s nothing better than your kids begging YOU to go to church! SOZO Church was able to completely change the atmosphere of what would have been an ordinary school hallway and classrooms and make it extraordinary with bright and vibrant signage.

first impression

From the parking lot to the auditorium, your first impression matters. SOZO Church used outdoor and indoor signage to make their first-time guests feel welcomed and to make it easy for them to find their church!


Your lobby is the crossroads of your church. Using signage to display your mission, or to direct members where to find the coffee, makes a huge difference in creating a perfect first impression. SOZO Church took advantage of our custom printing to make their lobby space unique and inviting.

Get this look!

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