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Launch big with Direct Mail

Join the over 1,000 churches who’ve trusted us to spread their message far and wide with direct mail marketing. From launching new churches to promoting events, our all-inclusive pricing and proven track record ensure your message reaches every corner of your city.

Our process

Direct Mail remains a powerful tool to engage with your local community effectively. We’re here to guide you every step of the way – from choosing the best mailing routes and maximizing your budget, to crafting the perfect design for your direct mail campaign.
Secure non-profit rates

Team up with us for non-profit approval to secure the lowest postage rates possible!

Target your audience

We guide you in pinpointing your audience, providing free demographics to maximize impact.

Craft your design

Collaborate with us for the ideal design, whether it’s yours or ours, to convey your unique message.

Direct mail specialist

Meet Andy Brown

Partnering with Radiant Printing for Direct Mail means you’re not just getting a service—you’re gaining a dedicated specialist to maximize your savings, optimize your mailing route, and craft the perfect message tailored to your unique needs.

Instant Price Quote
Instant Price Quote

Frequently asked questions
Tell us about your partnership with Mail Works

Our heart is to serve churches well, so we’ve partnered with MailWorks to bring your church the best of both of our companies! You’ll now get our expert marketing strategy, printing and design, PLUS the power and expertise of MailWorks.

How many should I send?

This depends on budget and desired outcome. The general rule-of-thumb is that you’ll get .5% return, so if you send out 50,000 postcards, you can estimate that 250 people will come over a few week period of time. Many factors can play into the success of your mailer, such as design, timing, season, type of event, etc

Can I see it on a map?

Absolutely! If you’ll let us know how many postcards you want to send, we can show you the reach from your church location. Want to see multiple quantities? No problem – just let us know!

When should my postcard arrive in homes?

We generally recommend postcards hitting 5-9 days before a church launch, new campus launch, or message series invitation. Other events, such as VBS, Christmas Services, and Easter can go earlier. It’s ultimately your preference. The goal is to be close enough to the event to be remembered, but far enough away for the recipients to plan.

How do I design my postcard to mail?

Use our certified templates to design your mailer. You can download both the 8.5 x 5.5” and 6 x 11” templates in PSD and JPG formats below.


Standard JPG PSD
Standard JPG PSD
How much lead time do you need?

We need to have payment and artwork submitted 4 weeks before you would like them delivered in homes.  A simple way to do this is to get artwork and payment submitted 5-6 weeks before your event.

Can you guarantee an in-home date?

Close, but not exactly. The Post Office has up to 5 business days to deliver. They typically deliver in around 2 days, so we get the postcards to your local post office around 10 days before the event, and they are generally delivered 5-9 days in advance.

Do I need my own mailing permit?

No! A permit costs over $400 to set up. You can use our permit for free!

Can we target people based on demographics?

Yes! We can target your mailer to only hit certain households, based on criteria like kids living at home, home price, political affiliation, etc. It does add around 5 cents per piece in postage cost to go this route.

How can I get non-profit postage rates?

The USPS requires you to register as a Non-Profit Organization in order to receive special, discounted postage rates. Please download our instructions and application to get started. Please email us this form, the requested documentation, and we’ll handle the rest.

How do I pay?

You can pay by check or we can send you a digital invoice to pay by Bank Withdrawal. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, we charge a 3.5% convenience fee. Payment must be received in full before the mailer is sent.

Do you have a new movers program?

You know it! People new to your city are looking for a church and we can mail a personalized postcard to every household that moves for just 75 cents each. It will include the family’s last name on the cover. Email [email protected] for more information.

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