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Converting Generic Space into Your Space

Jason Burns

The most common places where new churches tend to be launched are in buildings such as schools, movie theaters, and YMCAs. These spaces are great for a new church because: A) They are usually well known establishments in the community. So you can invite someone to your new church and say, “We meet at Washington Middle School.” They usually know where that is if they’re from town. B) Usually there is plenty of parking. C) There is plenty of space within the buildings to allow for congregations to grow. This tends to lift the lid to accommodate growth without running out of space during your first few years. And D) they have several different rooms which can be used for different purposes during a weekend service. 

But for all the benefits of having that working relationship with that building, there is one issue every church plant needs to overcome. And that is…

How do you convert generic space into worship space? 

Along with that, how do you turn a school lunch room into a children’s ministry space? Is it enough to just move tables out of the way and let kids run wild? Or is it important to establish boundaries for security purposes and turn a bland atmosphere into something fun and stimulating for the children? How about nursery space? Is it enough to just put a bunch of babies and volunteers inside a classroom and scatter some toys on the ground? Or is there a better way to do it? 

Radiant Printing is a company that started in 2014 in hopes of answering this question for churches all over the United States. Since that time, we’ve helped thousands of churches convert generic space into worship/creative/welcoming space utilizing high-quality signage that can be easily set up and torn down and establishes a look that shows guests and regular worshippers who you are as a church.

Our aim is to be a resource to the local church and to church planters. We have a team of relationship specialists available to discuss your needs with you to see what would be the best use of your funds. Reach out today to request a free, no obligation consultation by emailing us at [email protected].

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