In today’s digital advertising landscape, mailboxes have become increasingly less crowded.


Pastors know one of the greatest responsibilities we have is the position of stewardship. Managing God’s resources well is a privilege at which we all want to excel. So it is incumbent upon us to make sure what we invest in has a Kingdom impact. One of the best ways to let your community know who you are and that they have an open invitation to worship with you is direct mail.

Direct mail is a great way to reach thousands of people with the same message at a reasonable price. But while the cost per card is fairly cheap, the overall investment is certainly significant. That’s why we want to share these key points with you to help you make the most out of your investment and win with direct mail.

• Design that captures

The creative design of your direct mail campaign holds immense significance as it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your outreach efforts. It is crucial that the design not only captivates the recipient visually but also effectively conveys your message while providing a clear and actionable response. Whether it’s a compelling invitation to “Join us this Sunday” or an enticing prompt to “Scan this QR code to learn more about our church,” the call to action must be both easily understandable and measurable.

To assist you in crafting an impactful design, we have curated a collection of mailers that serve as a source of inspiration and practical examples for your upcoming campaign. We invite you to take a moment and explore these exemplary mailers by visiting the following link: Direct Mail Inspiration

• Craft a message that connects.


One prevalent pitfall we often come across on postcards is when churches attempt to address every possible question a community member may have, resulting in overcrowded and ineffective communication. Instead, we urge you to redirect their attention towards your online presence, where you can provide comprehensive answers to their inquiries. Considering that you typically have only a fleeting moment to capture their interest, it is paramount to leave a lasting impression through concise and impactful words.


Moreover, resist the temptation to make the entire postcard solely focused on your church. Instead, strive to create a connection with the recipients by emphasizing how they will be enriched and blessed by becoming a part of your faith community. By placing the emphasis on their needs and the profound impact of sharing life with your congregation, you can forge a genuine connection that resonates with them on a personal level.

• Give them a next step


What specific action are you seeking from your audience? Are you extending an invitation to an upcoming event? Encouraging them to join you in worship? Inviting them to explore more about your church online? It is vital to resist the allure of vagueness and instead provide them with a clear and tangible next step. Consider incorporating a deadline or timeframe to create a sense of urgency and importance. For instance, mark your calendars for Sunday, September 10th, as we commence our captivating new series on Family. However, also emphasize that they are welcome to join us at any time beyond that date.

• Play the long game.


Although it can be tempting to evaluate the effectiveness of a mailer based on While it may be tempting to gauge the success of a mailer solely by the number of attendees on the advertised Sunday, it is important to recognize that its impact can extend far beyond that immediate timeframe. It is quite likely that the recipient of the mailer may not be able to visit your church on that specific Sunday due to their current circumstances. However, as time progresses, their situation may evolve, and they may become more receptive to the idea of exploring your church.


When this pivotal moment arises, you want your church to be the one that springs to their mind. Direct mail serves as a powerful tool in communicating the message that they are sincerely invited and will be warmly embraced within your faith community. By reaching out through this medium, you have the opportunity to create a lasting impression and stay at the forefront of their thoughts when the time is right for them to embark on their spiritual journey.

• Track your progress.


When investing in direct mail services for your church, it is crucial to monitor its effectiveness and track the impact of your efforts. Ensure that your connection card includes a dedicated section that asks the important question: “How did you hear about us?” Provide response options such as “A friend invited me,” “I’ve driven past,” or “I received a postcard,” allowing you to gather valuable feedback.


In addition, it is vital to complement your direct mail campaign with a trackable digital strategy. Consider incorporating elements such as a QR code linked to a specific landing page on your website, allowing you to monitor and analyze user engagement using tools like Google Analytics. By examining metrics such as view count and increased website engagement in the weeks following the mailing, you can effectively measure the impact of your campaign.


By appropriately aligning your direct mail efforts with a trackable digital campaign, you can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to optimize your outreach strategies.

• Allow plenty of time for the process.


From the initial application for nonprofit status with the post office (which is only required for the first direct mail engagement) to the actual delivery of postcards prior to your event, the entire process can span up to six weeks. Allocating ample time in advance provides the opportunity to meticulously craft the design, message, and precisely target your intended audience.


By allowing for an adequate timeline, you afford yourself the ability to refine every aspect of your direct mail campaign. This includes honing the creative design to perfection, ensuring the message resonates effectively, and precisely identifying and reaching your desired recipients. The more time you invest in the preparatory stages, the greater the potential for a highly tailored and impactful direct mail campaign.

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